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Could Milk Hold the Answer to Our Food Packaging Problems?

The plastic packaging that most foods come wrapped in isn’t just a tremendous source of environmental waste. These kinds of packages aren’t even particularly adept at preventing food spoilage and they may even leech harmful chemicals into food. Now researchers are developing a biodegradable, edible film made from a milk protein called casein to hopefully solve these problems.

This film technology could have a variety of uses beyond simply reducing the amount of plastic used to contain food. They could create opportunities for single-serve portions of soup or instant coffee that could dissolve in hot water, or even help cereal stay crunchy in milk.

Learn more about this breakthrough:

Watch Peggy M. Tomasula and Laetitia M. Bonnaillie of the U.S. Department of Agriculture discuss this research at the 252nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia earlier this year:

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