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Why Your Organization Should Recruit at the ACS Career Fair

It’s getting harder for employers to find the top talent in their field. This is especially true in the chemical sciences, as more and more chemists are being trained worldwide and new specializations emerge. At the same time, recruiting has become a more complex process and even the most talented individuals may struggle to get noticed by top employers. But, the ACS Career Fair provides both chemists and employers with a chance to mutually meet and consider their opportunities.

Would you like to see your organization attract the best young minds in chemistry today? Would you like to pay it forward to the next generation of chemists? You can do both by serving as an ACS career ambassador! All you have to do is share this blog post with your HR team, career services center or an executive-level chemist. Encourage them to read the below information and contact us to reserve a space at an upcoming event. Helping your fellow chemical scientists and engineers who are looking for a fulfilling career in in this fast-moving field find the right job is a great way to have a tangible impact on the future of chemistry.

Reasons to Recruit at the ACS Career Fair:

  • At the ACS Career Fair, employers have access to nearly 14,000 attendees with varying levels of experience, from undergraduates to working professionals.
  • The totally revamped ACS Career Fair offers a variety of ways to extend your brand to more than 156,000 ACS members, enhance your exposure to the global scientific community, and effectively reach top-notch candidates.
  • Employers will also be able to save time and resources by prescreening candidates and interviewing them on-the-spot for competitive positions.
  • Space at upcoming career fairs is limited, so we encourage employers with current or future job openings to contact John Mihalick at careerfair@acs.org or visit appointment to reserve a space at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA (April 2-4, 2017) and/or Washington, DC (August 20-22, 2017). To learn more about recruiting at the ACS Career Fair, visit our Employers page.


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