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JOC 2019 Featured Articles

In sports, from local youth to the professional leagues, a season’s top-performing athletes garner accolades by winning awards and being named to all-star teams. In other venues, such as music, television, and film, we have Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars. In science, we have the Nobel Prize and election to National Academies. Those are just a few ways we recognize achievement. The Journal of Organic Chemistry (JOC) has its annual list of all-star award-winners as well: Featured Articles.

Featured Articles are submitted articles selected by the Editorial Team for their quality, interest, and importance, and they have also received especially strong positive comments from reviewers. These articles are expedited through journal production and appear at the beginning of the Table of Contents for each issue. This process is highly selective. In 2019, JOC editors designated 32 Featured Articles for their superlative characteristics, which represents a little less than 2% of the journal’s published output.

“All of our editors enjoy thinking about and selecting the Featured Articles,” notes JOC Editor-in-Chief Scott Miller. “These present an opportunity to call attention to work that is particularly unique, inspiring, or exceptionally well done. In this way, we hope not only to celebrate great science, but also to help readers identify superb papers, perhaps including some that are a bit outside of their own particular subfield of organic chemistry, perhaps some they might not otherwise read.”

The 2019 articles are led by a number of contributions from China, the U.S., and Germany, but overall represent 12 countries from all points of the compass. The topical diversity is impressive, featuring transition-metal and main-group metal catalysis, organocatalysis and nonmetal main-group catalysts, photoredox chemistry, natural products chemistry, total synthesis, fluorine chemistry, boron chemistry, hypervalent iodine reagents, aminations, silylations, heterocyclic chemistry, peptide and protein chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, esterifications, cross-couplings, C-H insertions, cyclizations including epoxidations and aziridinations, physical organic studies, and flow chemistry, along with a dash of green chemistry and process chemistry. JOC covers the full breadth of fundamental research in all branches of organic chemistry being published today.

Check out the 2019 JOC Featured Articles here

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