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Organometallic Chemistry Giant, Dietmar Seyferth (1929-2020)

On June 6, 2020, the field of organometallics lost a real giant: MIT Professor and Founding Editor of Organometallics Dietmar Seyferth passed away at age 91. Professor Seyferth stood out among chemists for the quality, rigor, and creativity of his science. Beyond science, he excelled as a scholarly professor and was widely recognized as a patient and inspiring mentor, collegial colleague, consummate editor, and kind person.

In tribute to Professor Seyferth, Organometallics Editor-in-Chief Paul Chirik wrote an essay in appreciation of Seyferth’s 25 years at the helm of the journal and for his many contributions to the field, “Dietmar Seyferth (1929-2020): A Foundational and Enduring Legacy at Organometallics.”

Professor Joseph Merola, a former student of Professor Seyferth, wrote a companion essay compiling his remembrances with those of fellow students and colleagues from across 60 years of organometallic chemistry, “Dietmar Seyferth: Mentor, Scientist, Scamp, and Great Human Being.”

Read the editorials to learn more:

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