Beyond its starring role in baked goods and fall decor, pumpkins are an ongoing subject of fascination for researchers. Explore highlights from ACS journals and eBooks featuring this autumnal staple.

Many pumpkins are piled up in a field.

Fall is in the air for many of us. Along with crisp air and vibrant foliage, fall brings a tangible enthusiasm for comforts such as cozy sweaters, warm beverages, baked goods…and all things pumpkin. But beyond its starring role in autumnal tablescapes, pies, and all-too-familiar spice blends, this popular squash plant has been an ongoing subject of fascination across numerous fields of chemistry.

In this collection of ACS journal articles and eBook chapters, we delve into the science behind pumpkins, exploring their unique chemical properties, nutritional benefits, applications in the lab—and even their ties with 2023 Nobel-winning quantum dots research.

So sit back with your favorite pumpkin-flavored snack or beverage and learn more about how these beloved gourds have carved a space for themselves in the realm of chemistry.

Pumpkin Chemistry: Research Highlights from ACS Journals
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Cover

Formation of Previously Undescribed Δ7-Phytosterol Oxidation Products and Tocopherylquinone Adducts in Pumpkin Seed Oil during Roasting, Screw-Pressing, and Simulated Culinary Processing at Elevated Temperatures

Miroslav Dragoun, Kateřina Klausová, Petra Šimicová, Tereza Honzíková, Jiří Stejskal, Klára Navrátilová, Jana Hajšlová, Jan Bárta, Veronika Bártová, Markéta Jarošová, Marie Bjelková, Vladimír Filip, and Jan Kyselka*
J. Agric. Food Chem. 2022, 70, 37, 11689–11703
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.2c03292
Pumpkin Chemistry: ACS eBook Chapters

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