Explore a collection of interviews, virtual and special issues, and more in celebration of the incredible women who continue to drive innovation and break boundaries in the field of chemistry.

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Together with our many women editors, authors, reviewers, and readers, ACS Publications works to promote the full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. We salute the hard work of women and girls in the chemistry community whose discoveries and innovations further the American Chemical Society’s mission “to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.”

We will update this post periodically with new interviews, virtual and special issues, recognitions, and more in celebration of the incredible women who continue to drive innovation and break boundaries in the field of chemistry. Be sure to check back for new content throughout the year! Notable national and global celebrations include:

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science was created by the United Nations to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. It is held annually on February 11, and this year’s celebrations focus on the role of Women and Girls and Science as relates to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 and places this year’s theme of embracing equity at the heart of the campaign.
  • Women’s History Month— celebrate with us all throughout March as we showcase and applaud the contributions of women and girls to science.

Relevant and Recent Virtual Issues and Special Collections

Celebrating our Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Carolyn R. Bertozzi

Professor Carolyn R. Bertozzi

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 was awarded to Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and K. Barry Sharpless “for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry,” which involve simple, quick chemical reactions that can occur within living organisms without disrupting normal biological functions.

Bertozzi has a long-standing history with ACS. She has been a member for 32 years and is an ACS Fellow. She is also the founding and current Editor-in-Chief of ACS Central Science. Many congratulations to Professor Bertozzi and her peers for this remarkable achievement!

Read a Selection of Articles by Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi and Her Fellow Winners

Read the Virtual Issue on Bioorthogonal and Click Chemistry Curated by Prof. Carolyn R. Bertozzi

Listen to Prof. Bertozzi’s Nobel Prize Lecture

Hear from our Editors-In-Chief

We asked some of our Editors-In Chief to reflect on the future for women scientists. Read our conversations with them below.

Professor Stefanie Dehnen

Professor Laura Gagliardi

Professor Cathleen Crudden

Professor Theresa Reineke

Professor Vicki Wysocki

Read Interviews from ACS Editorial Leaders in India

We are pleased to introduce three prolific women researchers in India who serve as Editors and on the Editorial Advisory Boards of various ACS journals, and who have made significant contributions to chemistry and allied sciences.

ACS Diversity & Inclusion Cover Art Series

The Diversity & Inclusion Cover Art Series has sought to amplify marginalized voices and recognize historically excluded or underrecognized populations of chemists. Many of the beautiful covers we published in 2022 highlighted the inspiring work of Women Scientists.

Get Involved! Find out how to submit your artwork for the 2023 submission round.

Spotlight on the Women Recipients of the 2023 ACS National Awards

The ACS National Awards program is designed to encourage the advancement of chemistry in all its branches, to support research in chemical science and industry, and to promote the careers of chemists. Recipients of this annual award are honored for contributions of major significance to chemistry. Below, we have highlighted the 2023 women awardees and their recent work published in ACS journals.

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