Approaching an Interdisciplinary Future: How Can an ACS All Access Subscription Help?

Chi Wang
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Access to the latest scientific research is crucial for R&D teams to develop new products and discover solutions to complex challenges. Learn how your team can stay at the forefront of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge, ensuring you remain competitive and contribute meaningfully to their field.

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The ever-growing volume of scientific research is accelerating the pace of scientific breakthroughs. This, in turn, requires R&D departments in government and industry to stay agile and ready to adapt swiftly. To navigate this dynamic landscape and make informed decisions, R&D professionals face the challenge of consuming the most trusted and timely information. This article discusses how the ACS All Access Subscription package can empower R&D professionals to make better choices in today's fast-paced scientific environment.

Fostering Interdisciplinary Perspectives by Unleashing Knowledge Across All Disciplines

The ACS All Access Subscription package encompasses more than 90 peer-reviewed journals, thousands of digital books, C&EN, and more, presenting quality research and scientific advancements in a broad array of research areas.

Having access to this vast library of research across diverse disciplines allows researchers to explore interdisciplinary approaches that might spark breakthroughs.

For example, a team of researchers at McGill University in Quebec, Canada, is bringing the farmland to the city by using industrial byproducts such as slag and concrete as growing substrate. By combining the knowledge of materials science and agricultural engineering, researchers are empowered to approach the pressing global issue from a new perspective.

Moreover, scientists often find inspiration for solving their own problems by exploring research in other fields instead of staying within their own. Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, 2022 Nobel Laureate and Editor-in-Chief of ACS Central Science, shared in a recent interview how she found unexpected solutions twice in seemingly unrelated research published in ACS journals, which later saved her research projects. Learn more about her discoveries in the interview below:

A Conversation with Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi | ACS Publications

Stay on Top of the Curve

The research landscape constantly evolves, making it difficult to keep up with the changes and advancements. The ACS All Access Subscription package captures the latest publications in all branches of chemistry, guiding research decisions in both academia and industry. This allows R&D researchers to stay abreast of cutting-edge findings and emerging trends inside and outside their field.

To help readers to take full advantage of their subscriptions, the ACS Publications Email Preference Center provides options for users to receive news and popular research relevant to their chosen fields.

Immediate Access to Trusted Research Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs

ACS licensed access for government and industry facilitates a smoother workflow and enhances research efficiency. Researchers save valuable time by avoiding the need to vet or hunt down data from various sources and wait for content delivery. ACS All Access subscribers experience an even greater research efficiency thanks to unlimited access to all ACS Publications collections. Such barrier-free access provides R&D researchers with a comprehensive view of all relevant articles, news, developments, and supporting materials – all at their fingertips.

Holistic Packages Tailored to Your Needs

The ACS All Access Subscription provides access to all journals, digital books, news, and archives at a price that makes sense for your company. To ensure that your plan is scaled to your company’s need, we take into consideration factors such as research capacity, number of employees, patent volume, and more to optimize cost efficiency. To discuss options and customized rates, contact the ACS Publications team today.

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