Four Ways Your R&D Team Can Excel by Harnessing the Power of Trusted Scientific Content

Chi Wang
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Discover how to enhance your R&D innovations by leveraging trusted, leading-edge scientific content from ACS journals, including strategies to boost research quality, efficiency, and discovery in your organization.

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In the dynamic realm of research and development (R&D), whether in government or business, staying abreast of the latest research developments and having direct access to trusted scientific content is indispensable for R&D teams. One way to achieve this is through an organizational subscription to ACS Publications' robust portfolio of journals, which offers many benefits including enhanced research quality, efficiency, and overall team productivity. Below, we highlight some of these key benefits, demonstrating how ACS journals can be instrumental in advancing your organization's research goals.

1. Trusted Content at Your Fingertips

ACS Publications, the publishing division of the American Chemical Society, takes pride in the quality of every piece of content published. Despite the increasing costs of processes and tools to maintain research integrity and quality, one can rest assured that the bar never will be lowered.

Having access to ACS journals means your R&D projects are backed by trusted content that is meticulously curated, vetted, and refined by editors and reviewers who are actively engaged in research themselves, ensuring each research paper’s high impact and relevance. The care we put into vetting every paper, including weeding out papers written by AI, coming from paper mills, or based on fictitious data, makes our journals among the most trusted in the world.

Additionally, with a licensed organizational subscription, R&D teams gain instant access to a wealth of scientific research delivered via a streamlined platform in formats of their choice with comprehensive supporting data. This access guarantees readers are getting the latest version of all research papers, removing the risk of compromising the article's integrity, missing important updates, or losing connectivity to key supporting information when getting the information from other sources.

2. Enhanced Research Efficiency 

Using the most trusted content leads to higher research efficiency by saving time, optimizing R&D resources, and having access to the newest research fast.

Maintaining a direct ACS journal license saves R&D teams a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to vet data (thanks to ACS’ high-quality standards), look for alternative sources, or wait for interlibrary loans. All of these tasks not only are daunting and time-consuming but also come with the risk of getting altered or outdated data. Rather, direct access to trusted ACS content saves time and allows teams to focus on high-value work such as innovation and analysis. This trusted content also helps researchers optimize their resources by reducing extensive and unnecessary experimentation and minimizing the risk of failed experiments caused by poor data.

Another time-saving factor is ACS journals’ fast publication, which ensures scientific advancements are available as soon as they emerge, empowering organizations to stay agile and adaptive.

3. Increased Team Productivity and Creativity

Having direct access to the right tools also inspires creative thinking and improves productivity in research. Just as a carpenter with access to an exciting power tool is more likely to feel motivated to create, an R&D scientist with broad access to the most trusted data reporting on notable breakthroughs in their field is more likely to feel empowered and motivated to solve problems.

4. Assurance of Copyright Compliance and Contribution to the Greater Community

One other benefit that many people overlook is the assurance of copyright compliance. A licensed organizational subscription offers peace of mind, ensuring that all research materials are used in accordance with copyright regulations within the organization. This eliminates the need for laborious validation processes and avoids legal headaches, freeing teams for their core research objectives. Learn more about permitted uses of ACS content.

Beyond the realm of individual organizations, compliant organizational subscriptions play a vital role in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the scientific community. By supporting reputable sources of information and legal use of data, organizations contribute to the greater good by driving innovation and progress across industries and academia. Doing so not only enhances the organization's image but also ensures the sustainability of the scientific publishing ecosystem. It allows reputable publishers, such as ACS Publications, to continue the effort in disseminating trusted research content performed by top scientists around the world.

Fuel Your Research with the Most Trusted Scientific Content

If you are looking to empower your R&D team by unlocking the benefits of an organizational subscription, contact the ACS Publications Sales Team to discuss access options for your organization.

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