With over 15,000 open access articles published each year, ACS Publications is an invaluable resource of trusted research available to all—here, we show you how to seamlessly navigate this vast expanse of open access knowledge.

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Open access is one of the core elements of open science, unlocking barriers to knowledge by making research articles openly and freely available to anyone who seeks to access, read, and build upon them. It is a movement that only continues to grow, and ACS Publications remains a steadfast player in this collective progress toward unhindered sharing of scientific knowledge. But how does one navigate this vast expanse of trusted research? Don't worry—we're here to simplify your quest for the open access articles and content that are right for you.

A world of research, freely available around the globe

The core of open science thrives on our platforms, liberating research articles for curious minds around the globe. Whether you're a student in São Paulo or a researcher in Rome, our open access content is just a click away, inviting you to read and build upon the work of your peers.

Our commitment to open science is a reality that's unfolding daily, and the increase in open access articles across ACS journals is a testament to our dedication. This is partly due to the surge in ACS read and publish agreements worldwide; these agreements connect authors with readers, facilitating a seamless journey from discovery to dissemination.

Open access at ACS Publications is not one-size-fits-all. With various avenues available for authors, the path to open access is a tailored experience that is just as diverse as the science we publish.

By enabling unrestricted access to cutting-edge research, ACS Publications supports a landscape where opportunity for knowledge is not a privilege but a universal right. Did you know that over 15,000 ACS journal articles each year (and growing!) are made available under an open access license? This steady increase in open access content is evidence of a shifting paradigm that is paving the way for more equity and inclusivity in the scientific dialogue.

Explore trusted research that’s free to read, download, and share

With a portfolio encompassing more than 85 journals, ACS Publications is an invaluable resource of trusted, peer-reviewed research. This ever-growing treasure trove of knowledge may seem overwhelming at first, but our centralized resource for open access articles helps to make your searching a bit easier.

Updated daily, it provides a doorway to the latest research in disciplines from analytical and organic chemistry to materials science and pharmaceutics. You're not only discovering accessible research—you're joining a community that is a leading source for the most trusted, cited, and read work in the chemical sciences. Start your journey below.

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