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Peer review is an invaluable step in the scholarly publication process that helps maintain the highest standards for published research. We are taking this moment to recognize and celebrate the individuals who generously volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to support ACS Publications journals and the global research community throughout the year by agreeing to serve as reviewers.

Look at what you and our Reviewer community accomplished over the past year:

ACS Peer Review statistics and global map
The ACS Publications Diversity Data Report provides additional data for a more complete lens on the ACS Reviewer Community.

Celebrate Peer Review Week 2023 With Us!

In celebration of Peer Review Week 2023, held from September 25 - 29, we invite our global community to browse resources and engage in discussions surrounding this year's theme, "Peer Review and the Future of Publishing." Through blog posts, webinars, and more, we will explore the evolving role of reviewers in shaping the present and future of scholarly publishing.

Join the Conversation on Social Media

To participate in the worldwide discussion and amplify your contribution, remember to mention @ACSPublications and @ACS4Authors and include the hashtags #PeerReviewWeek and #PRW2023 in your post.

Specify the journal you have either reviewed for or published in to highlight your expertise in that field!

Want to Become a Peer Reviewer?

While there is no distinct path to becoming a reviewer for ACS Publications, taking the ACS Reviewer Lab course will help you prepare for your first review, refresh your current peer review knowledge, and educate the next generation of peer reviewers.

Upon completion of the ACS Reviewer Lab course, you will be identified as an ACS Certified Reviewer and benefit from a higher level of visibility to ACS Publications editorial staff. The course is free to access, on-demand, and available in English and Chinese.

There are also several other things you can do to increase your chances of being invited to review future manuscripts:

  • Consult the ACS Reviewer Toolkit: This interactive guide will take you through key points to consider before and during each step of the peer review process.
  • Become an active ACS Member: Join your local chapter to further expand your scientific network.
  • Build your network: Connect with subject matter experts at professional conferences, ask colleagues who are experienced reviewers to recommend you to journal editors, and share your own subject matter expertise on your social media channels.

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