ACS Axial publishes daily content from a variety of its authors. Read on to learn more about what makes a great ACS Axial post and how you can get your story featured on the site. All ACS Axial Posts: Are written in English Are typically between 500-1,000 words, though exceptions can be made for more […]

All ACS Axial Posts:

  • Are written in English
  • Are typically between 500-1,000 words, though exceptions can be made for more complex topics
  • Are written in a conversational tone for a general audience
  • May be edited for content, clarity, and style
  • Do not contain original research or links to research that hasn’t been peer-reviewed and published in an ACS journal

What Makes a Great ACS Axial Post?

There are three general types of articles that are consistent with ACS Axial’s mission and tend to resonate with its audience:

  • Deeper Looks at Research: Tell the story of how you became interested in your chosen field. Discuss what you hope your research could one day mean. Explore the challenges and opportunities that a field presents. Alternatively, you could focus on the work of a colleague and explore why their work is significant. Model Post: Now You Can Watch Cellular Respiration with a Novel Nanoelectrode Probe
  • Valuable Advice: No matter where a chemist is in their career, they’re always looking to both advance their skills and help those who come after them. ACS Axial is a great place to share your best professional advice. What do you know now that you wish someone had told you at the start of your career? What piece of advice has stuck with you through the years? What mistakes have you learned from? Whose example do you try to emulate? Model Post: 5 Assumptions You Need to Drop Before a Job Search
  • Personal Perspectives & Global Issues: Science isn’t just a body of knowledge, it’s also a professional community in which real people work. The chemistry community gets stronger when people discuss their challenges, experiences, and triumphs. Write for ACS Axial about a problem or an opportunity you see facing the community. Explore how those issues have affected your journey. Model Post: No Safety Without Sharing

How to Write for ACS Axial:

Authors are encouraged to pitch their article concept before sitting down to write the post. Send your pitch to

Your pitch should include:

  • A suggested headline
  • A 1-2 sentence summary explaining what your proposed article will be about
  • 1 sentence explaining why your article will be interesting and valuable to readers

You’ll receive a prompt reply letting you know if your article would be a good fit for ACS Axial and detailing next steps.

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